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A+ Skirt, Make It Perfect

.A+ in Echino.

A few months ago, when I was preparing for the Sydney and Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fairs I needed a few new skirts to wear (really, I did – the 15+ Make It Perfect skirts hanging in my cupboard were not enough!!).  Nothing helps you feel prepared for an event more than a new outfit to wear, right?!

Echino was my fabric of choice.  I hadn’t sewn any clothing with Echino previously (shame, I know!) but had seen a lot of other people make lovely skirts/tunics out of it and was inspired.
So three new skirts were sewn!  If you haven’t sewn an A+ Skirt before, I’ll let you in on a little secret…they are really FAST!  And all you need is to choose a fabric you love – whether you want to make a statement or use something a little more subtle – and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind skirt to prance around in 🙂

I wasn’t completely won over with this jungle scene fabric when I first made it, but after a bit of wear it has turned out to be one of my favourite skirts ever.

I decided to break up the business of the patchwork of the green one with a contrasting band around the top – well, maybe that makes it look a little more busy?  Whatever, I’m still happy!

Echino fabrics are just gorgeous to wear, they are made from a blend of 55% linen/45% cotton so have a slightly heavier weight to them than regular quilting cottons.  Because of this, they drape beautifully and wash really well…coming out soft and slightly creased rather than a crinkled mess that needs fighting with the iron!

You may have noticed on my website that A+ Skirts has had a little makeover…it was very handy to get in touch with the “public” at the Melbourne and Sydney Craft & Quilt Fairs and see how different patterns were received and we came to the conclusion that the previous A+ Skirt cover photo wasn’t doing it justice.

My cute little sister modeled for me and brother-in-law took the pics.  The one above is the new cover photo (also in Echino fabric).


So there you have it!  If you’re looking for some satisfying summer sewing, have a go at A+ Skirts!

Make It Perfect sewing pattern – A+ Skirts

Echino, Quiet Ground in Green
Echino, Story Patchwork in Blue/Green
Echino, Bonbon in Green
Echino, Woodland in Natural/Black