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Long Boards, Make It Perfect

.Long Boards for the boy who smiles.

Setting the record straight today: this boy does smile. Just not for the camera that often, until I told him that he looks like a boy who lives in a stinky house, with a stinky family. And then I got a little smile.


But it didn’t last for long.

Oscar just keeps on shooting up in height. He towers over Lil and is quickly catching up to me. He still ONLY wears shorts, and we added a couple of new pairs of Long Boards to his wardrobe a few months ago.

They always start off extra long, but you need to sew like that for a fast-grower.

These are still his favourite shorts with a comfortable ribbed waistband, front pockets, mock front fly and patches on reinforced knees.

It won’t be long until he’s outgrown this pattern, then I might have to start buying shorts at a shop for him. Not sure that I remember how to do that though…I did try a little while ago and it was sad and boring. Does anyone else sew for their boys older than 10?


Make It Perfect Long Boards pattern (avaliable in PDF download here)
Emily Herrick, Technicolor, Braid in Navy
Riley Blake, Hipster, Mirrah Leaf in Blue 

Coastal Breeze, Discovery Bag, Downtown Boy, Flipsy, Long Boards, Make It Perfect

.Make It Perfect news.

I’ve been quietly doing lots of pattern updating and upsizing behind the scenes. Thought I’d pop some information on the blog so that you know what’s new!


The following patterns are now avaliable in PDF instant download format:

Coastal Breeze
Big Long Boards
Big & Little Downtown Boy

Discovery Bag

Big & Little Flipsy
I’ve also updated the cover photos of Coastal Breeze and Flipsy – you can see the new photos above. Here are some extras pics of these two favourite patterns…
(Oh, and due to so many requests, Flipsy is now also avaliable in BIG sizes – 6-10 years!)
Long Boards, Make It Perfect

.Long Boards – winter edition.

This big boy of mine ONLY wears shorts. No matter the weather. Even on freezing cold, frosty mornings he runs along to school in a pair of shorts. We have to beg him to wear a jumper – before school I tell him to at least keep it on until I can’t see him anymore!  

He seems to have either worn out or outgrown most of his shorts and requested some new ones. Not from the shop, but from my sewing machine. My kids think that all clothes come from my handiwork, last week Tommy had a new (store bought) beanie on and told one of our friends that Mummy made it!

I don’t bother with any other pattern anymore. I love how my Long Boards look on the boys and the fact that they are a longer pair of shorts gives me a little sense of satisfaction that he is at least warm down to his knees! Plus, I love all of the details that make them look less “homemade.”

Nice big pockets, fake fly stitching and practical knee patches. I have found that Oscar wears his shorts sooo much that it’s best if I reinforce the crotch seam and where the pocket opening reaches the side seam in the shorts because there is a lot of stress in those areas – he’s always got his hands in his pockets!

Because this house has turned into a house full of boys, I’m finding myself looking out for and grabbing more boy-friendly fabric now. Especially fabric for bigger boys. Sometimes it can be tricky to buy suitable fabric for them but I like a challenge! Shorts are the most popular item of clothing I sew for the boys using woven cotton fabric so I usually look out for fabric that will work well in a pair of shorts and figure that it will be used up eventually over the next 10 years!

Make It Perfect Long Boards pattern (avaliable as PDF download here)
Bonnie & Camille, Happy Go Lucky, Check in Navy/Lime
Michael Miller, Freestyle, Malibu

Basic Tees, Long Boards, Make It Perfect

.Easter Jammies.


The tradional Easter jammies actually got finished in time for Easter this year! I know most sewers have a tradition of sewing pretty Easter dresses and ties for their kids, but for me, Easter always signifies the start of cooler weather and the kids always seem to be needing new PJs so this works for us.

Oscar has refused to wear jammies for the last couple of years and always opts for a comfy tshirt and pair of shorts. His favourite shorts by far are his Long Boards (he’s even worn holes through a few of the bottoms) so it made sense to whip him up a pair for sleeping, the ribbed waistband makes them super comfy. I didn’t bother with knee patches on these ones as they won’t get as much wear and tear so I kept them nice and simple. The tshirt was made using my Basic Tees pattern.

Tommy’s PJs were made using my Slumber Party Jammies pattern. They are big for him now, so he will easily get a couple of years wear from them. And his top was made using my Basic Tees pattern.

Lil got two pairs of PJ pants for Easter. Three years ago I made myself some snuggly flannel PJs and I obviously wore them to death because the bottoms were becoming threadbare and I’d worn holes in them. I thought it was a waste to throw them out because most of the fabric was still in good condition, so I managed to cut them down and make into PJ pants for Lil! If they were store-bought, I wouldn’t have thought twice about throwing them in the rag bag, but I couldn’t bear to throw good quality fabric that could still be put to use in the bin!

And that’s a wrap for this Easter! We’ll do it again next year!

Make It Perfect, Long Boards pattern
Make It Perfect, Basic Tees pattern
Sarah Jane, Children at Play, Rocket Launch Club in Cream
Stella solid knit
Make It Perfect, Slumber Party Jammies pattern
Make It Perfect Basic Tees pattern
David Walker, Get Together, Bears in a Line in Orange
Make It Perfect, Slumber Party Jammies pattern
Amu Butler, Love, Tumble Roses in Pink (flannel)
Amy Butler, Love, Sunspots in Mint (flannel)
Riley Blake, Summer Song, Summer Dot in Pink (flannel)
Riley Blake, Summer Song, Mini Blooms in Green (flannel)  

And don’t forget to enter the Show Your Stuff competition here – ends Sunday 21st April.

Long Boards, Make It Perfect

.Long Boards giveaway winner + more


Thanks for your enthusiastic comments about my new Long Boards pattern!  

Congratulations to Nicola – you’ve won yourself a copy of the pattern!  I’ll email you with further details.

Here’s a look at another pair of Long Boards I’ve made for Oscar.  They don’t have the drawstring inserted yet but have been his favourites by far.  I’m loving the longer length on those coolish days as they keep him just that little bit warmer too!  This fabric was one that I picked up from Spotlight to make a trial version of the shorts – but they worked out awesome first go so didn’t have to visit the “dodgy” pile!