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.Maai Design – See You At Six Blog Tour.

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Hello, hello! The poor old blog has been totally neglected of late…I’m back to make a change to that today and have some beautiful fabric to share with you!

Today I am participating in the Maai DesignSee You At Six” Blog Tour. A couple of months ago I received an email from Maaike (owner of Maai Design) letting me know about an amazing new European fabric that she would be adding to the store soon. Now, to be honest, I’m a sucker for pretty much any European fabric! It always promises top quality and unique prints but up until now I have only really sewn with European knits. I didn’t hesitate in joining in the blog tour fun because I knew the fabric would be awesome AND I loved the new range by See You At Six. Maai Designs stocks 12 gorgeous prints in this unique 100% cotton viscose/rayon fabric – the best part is that they are all suited to sewing garments for the GROWN UPS! I do get sucked in by cutesy prints, my fabric stash is full of them and I need to start shopping more for fabric that I will wear myself. The entire See You At Six range fits this brief perfectly.

On receiving the fabric, I was 100% impressed with the quality. It has the most incredible drape and is super soft to feel with a nice, tight weave, producing a fabric that is perfect for sewing tops, skirts and dresses for women (and kids…but I personally want to keep this one all to myself!) I did pre-wash and tumble dry my fabric as instructed on the website to account for the small shrinkage factor. I’m not great at pre-washing woven fabrics, but am always happy when I do it and then dry in the dryer because I know the finished garment can be thrown into the dryer without having to worry about shrinkage in the future.

For the blog tour I choose to make myself a couple of tops using the Drops in Black & White and Flowers Blue fabrics. I love how each of these prints are busy enough to keep them interesting but subtle enough to wear without feeling like you are drawing too much attention to yourself (did I just totally contradict myself there, or what?!) I thought that I would take the opportunity to sew something different for myself and had a flick through my not-yet-used pattern stash. After a bit of thought I decided to use the Grainline Scout Tee as my base pattern. This pattern has been around forever but it wasn’t until just recently that I decided I liked it…and now that I have made a couple I have decided that I love it!! It is a super speedy sew AND is really easy and flattering to wear. 

I made the black tee first, sewing a size 6 and using the pattern without any modifications. Completely happy with the results, but then I remembered seeing a few peplum variations of the tee around and knew that the See You At Six fabric with amazing drape would work perfectly in a peplum so decided to give a peplum-hack a go. I didn’t think too much about it, just cut the main body of the tee shorter then cut a big strip of fabric for the ruffle about 1.5 times longer than the bottom hem of the shirt. I did have a little play around getting the fit right – I think I ended up grading in the side seams of the tee and ruffle because it was just a bit too wide and frumpy with all of that extra width at the bottom but other than that it was really easy. I wasn’t sure I loved the look on me to start with – I’m about 2 years late to the peplum party, this being the first I have ever made (or owned!) and my husband did ask what the heck was going on with that little skirt at the bottom of my top, haha! But after wearing it a couple of times, I am sold. And when I wore it to school last week (I’m primary school teaching now) I was complimented by a large number of skirt-loving girls, so it is a winner in the eyes of the little ones!

If you love sewing for yourself, or want to start but don’t know what to use – then I recommend this gorgeous fabric. And to make your purchase a little easier, MaaiDesign is offering you a 10% discount on the See You At Six collection until the 30th September 2016! Simply use the code: seeyouatsix



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.Sew Box Subscriptions.

My postie knows me pretty well…he seems to drop in every couple of days, beeping his horn as he pulls into the driveway, with a parcel to drop off. I’m a massive online shopper, actually I can’t remember the last time I went to the shops just for a look around. It could have something to do with where I live and the lack of a big shopping centre, but I have become so accustomed to shopping online – the convenience of shopping around from store to store at any time of the day or night and having my orders delivered to my door.
Usually when the postie arrives I know exactly what is going to be inside the box, but last week a mysterious box arrived in the mail and I was so excited to see what was inside!

Leesa from Sew Box Subscriptions recently contacted me to see if I would like to receive an exclusive preview Sew Box in the mail before the first official box is sent out – yes please! And it did not disappoint…the box was beautifully packaged and choc-a-block full of a fantastic assortment of sewing products and vouchers.
When you subscribe to Sew Box Subscriptions you will receive a monthly box full of unique and interesting sewing products for you to add to your collection and try out. The box is not a kit to make a specific project, but more a selection of hand-picked products for you to sample that can be incorporated into your sewing time. You can read more about what to expect in your box here, as well as a list of everything included in the preview box I received.

Whether you are new to the world of sewing and looking for a way to increase your supplies or simply want to be inspired by something new each month, Sew Box Subscriptions is the perfect way to get motivated to do some sewing! 
To take out a subscription to Sew Box Subscriptions, go here and sign yourself up – you won’t be disappointed! 

.Using a Sewist’s Notebook.

I have a new sewing crush and it doesn’t involved fabric or notions. I’m a bit of a stationary-lover so was very excited when I discovered A Sewist’s Notebook.

This book is Awesome with a capital A! Really, I had one of those, “why didn’t I think of this?!” moments when I first saw it. A notebook designed to keep track of all of your garment sewing projects. I’m not one for a sketchbook full of designs…I try to keep it all organised but end up with random pieces of paper lying around my workspace with little notes and ideas written all over them. Not good organisation, especially when I am looking for something in particular and realise that it has been mistaken for rubbish and thrown away!

Beth from 110 Creations is the mastermind behind A Sewists Notebook. She has recently made gorgeous versions my Shearwater Kaftan and Coastal Breeze patterns after we did a patterns-for-book review swap. After seeing A Sewist’s Notebook online I thought it looked pretty cool, but it is even better in real-life.

It has 110 pages for you to sketch and keep track of notes to do with clothing you have sewn for yourself – such a great idea…I don’t know how many times I have sewn something for myself and been sure that I would remember the little tweaks or changes I have made only to sew it again a little while later and realise that I have completely have forgotten! I even forget what size I have sewn! I also love the idea of this book becoming a family heirloom (hoping that someone in my family enjoys sewing!) I think it would be such a treasure to find a notebook like this filled out by my grandmother or great-grandmother and see how she went about her sewing and what styles and fabrics were fashionable at the time.

To help you keep track of things, A Sewist’s Notebook also has a Project List (contents) page so that you can easily find a certain project you are looking for. And in the back of the book you will find a place to list the patterns you own, fabric and patterns on your wishlist and when you last changed your needle!
If you are a sewer of clothing, then this notebook will help keep you organised…I like the idea of having something hardcopy to flip through too – nice to step back from the computer screen for awhile.
I plan on using my notebook to document everything that I sew for myself in 2014…can’t wait until it gets nice and full, it will be such a handy record to have.
Beth has just recently released a Sewist’s Notebook for Kids which looks pretty cool to document your kid-sewing projects too. 
You can buy a copy of A Sewist’s Notbook here in either large or smaller sizes.

.The Drapery winners.

I just knew that you guys would love the Linen Scarf I made using a kit from The Drapery as much as I do!
Happy to announce the winners tonight – way to go Sash and Ange!  I’ve sent you both an email and you’ll be receiving your choice of Linen Scarf kit in the mail very soon!


 And thanks once again to The Drapery for your gorgeous fabrics – if you haven’t been over to visit their store yet, make sure you check it out soon!