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Make It Perfect, Scout

.Scout: Silver Heart with Butterfly Skirt.

ScoutScout Scout Scout Scout ScoutScoutI feel like I released the Women’s Hero Vest so quickly after I released my Scout pattern that I haven’t had enough time to give Scout all of it’s glory – so here’s a post dedicated to Scout!

I sewed this Scout set for Lil during the testing phase of the pattern. She chose the skirt fabric and I found some other fabrics in my stash that went with it to make the sweatshirt from. The sweatshirt fabric is a french terry knit I’ve had in my stash for years so I was happy to finally put it to use! I wanted to do something to jazz up the front of the sweatshirt but wasn’t keen on applique. Instead, I dug out my paints and freezer paper and made myself a big love-heart stencil. I don’t have a big range of fabric paints (okay, I only have black) so I mixed silver paint (nothing special, just kids acrylic craft paint) with some fabric fixative. If you are not familiar with fabric fixative, it is a runny liquid that you mix with regular paints to make them washable when painted on fabric. After the paint has dried, you need to heat-set it with a hot iron for about 5 minutes and then you are supposed to be able to wash it without running or washing away. (Here is a link for more information, I bought mine from Spotlight years ago.)

I’ve used this fixative a few times and it has worked really well in the past. I was a bit apprehensive about mixing it with metallic paints and I had to paint about 10 coats onto the fabric before it finally stood out and didn’t seep into the fabric and disappear. Because the paint is so thick, the painted heart area of the sweatshirt is pretty stiff and creases easily but it has been washed quite a few times – and even dried in the dryer a couple of times and is still nice and crisp!

I really like this sweatshirt and it looks great with a pair of jeans too.

These Scout skirts are a tried and tested favourite in our house. I love them because they are super fast and easy to make (the longest step is hemming that long circular hem, but you could always leave it un-hemmed if you couldn’t be bothered) the whole skirt is finished in about 30 minutes. I also love them because knit fabric = no ironing! So they can speed through the wash and back into the wardrobe without being stuck in the ironing basket for weeks on end! Lil loves them because of the comfort factor, fun fabric choices and of course…awesome twirlability!!!

The Scout skirt is a great project to sink your teeth into if you are just starting out sewing knit fabrics and feeling a little fearful. Here is a gorgeous version of the skirt one of my pattern testers, Gail made for her daughter. I need to get me some of that fabric – so pretty!

And that ends my little tribute to Scout!

SUPPLIES: Make It Perfect, Scout pattern // {Sweatshirt} Lilac french terry knit // black ribbing // {Skirt} Lillestoff knit Butterfly Woman in Lilac // black jersey knit.


Make It Perfect, Scout

.Panda Scout Sweatshirt.

Here’s a little Scout sweatshirt I made for my favourite speedy, busy two year old.


And here he is, after stomping and sitting in thawing puddles of ice. Seriously, this kid has no feeling when it comes to water and outside. Yesterday we were visiting a friend and before I knew it I found him standing in the bowl of cat water outside. Nice one Harv.


I think it is safe to say that the “Panda Jumper” is his favourite though. He requests it daily, and points out the pandas to people that we meet.


I really have to hurry up and make Harvey a few more of these Scout sweatshirts. They are perfect for these chilly days, especially made in a warm french terry or sweatshirt fleece. 

IMG_5487Let me talk for a minute about the fabric I used. This is a European french terry knit. I know I’ve raved on about Eurpoean knits over and over again, but I’m going to do it again…they are THE BEST! Yes, you are usually paying a little more per metre for them, but the quality is outstanding and once you start using them you will be hooked for life! This french terry is superb…the softest, stretchiest, snuggliest french terry I have ever laid my hands on. I need to get some in a grown-up print to use for myself. IMG_5463 Don’t forget that the Scout pattern is 20% off for another 24 hours – sale ends midnight, Saturday 25th July.

SUPPLIES // Make It Perfect, Scout pattern // Andrea Lauren, Blue Panda Sweater Knit // Navy blue ribbing

Make It Perfect, Scout

.SCOUT – a new pattern for boys and girls.

You might have noticed I released a new pattern over the weekend. With the new website up and running, I am ready to share more about this cool new design with you all today!

SCOUT – a unisex raglan sweatshirt with bonus simple skirt



The Scout Raglan Sweatshirt is a classic, everyday style designed for both boys and girls.

Being comfortable is important to kids and the slouchy fit of this raglan sweatshirt screams comfort and versatility. Sleeve cuffs, hem band and neckband made from ribbing make this an effortless sew with no hemming necessary!


Sew up a cosy raglan in sweater knit or french terry knit or make it lightweight by using your favourite jersey. 


For your skirt-loving girls, why not give the Scout Skirt a whirl?  The fastest knit skirt you will ever make, the Scout Skirt features an easy-on, easy-off elastic waistband and sweet swingy shape that will easily compliment every outfit. 


While the Scout Raglan & Skirt look great as a set, when worn separately there is potential for pairing with every other item in your kid’s wardrobe!


This pattern comes in two size ranges:

Little Scout: 0-5 years and Big Scout: 6-10 years

Scout line drawings

As fun as it is to sew fancy, occasional clothing my passion is for sewing clothing which will get worn and washed and worn and washed, over and over again. For me, nothing is more satisfying than knowing that the items of clothing I have spent time sewing for my children (and myself) are actually getting a good workout. The Scout raglan and skirt are designed for that exact purpose – to be worn effortlessly day after day. Scout

I also love a good unisex pattern and the Scout sweatshirt is easily boy and girl-friendly. It looks great with a pair of jeans, casual pants, trackies or a skirt and I made sure the neckline was nice and high to keep those little ones of yours toasty and warm. The sweatshirt has a real late 80’s/early 90’s slouchy look to it and is intended to sit loosely on the body. However, if you are after a more fitted look then you can easily size down a bit and create a more snug fit. Scout

The Scout skirt is a pattern which has been on my radar for a long time now. When I designed the sweatshirt I knew it would look awesome paired with this style of skirt. I actually made my daughter a few of these skirts a long time ago and she reaches for them more than any other item in her wardrobe…she tells me that they are comfortable and swingy. The reason I keep making them for her though is because, not only do they look cute, but because they are made with knit fabric I never have to iron them! Straight from the wash and into the cupboard and they don’t get lost or forgotten in the ironing basket for months! The Scout skirt is also super quick to sew – you won’t believe how fast and easy it it to finish. The most time consuming part is sewing down the hem and a couple of my pattern testers didn’t even bother to do that making it an even faster finish! Scout

With the new branding of Make It Perfect, I am also going to go through all of my older patterns and reformat them to suit the new look (time consuming and tedious…but it will get done!!) Scout is already in the new look pattern design though so if you purchase a copy you can see the changes for yourself. I think it looks rather spiffy!

I’ll be sharing more about this pattern over the next few weeks. It truly is a wardrobe basic though and I don’t think any kid will have trouble wearing this sweatshirt – nothing worse than spending all that time sewing and those little noses screw up and say “I don’t like it!”

For now, you can see and read more about Scout in the store and the pattern will be on sale at 20% off until 10pm Saturday 25th July (AEST) – no coupon required!

Wholesalers wishing to stock this pattern in their stores can contact my distributors here.Scout