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.Teacher Zippered Pouches.

The end of the school year was signified with the annual school teacher zippered pouch marathon!
It’s kind of good having a “go to” teacher pattern – something that suits them all, is personal, not edible and something that I can be sure will actually be used in the future. Plus, it gives me a chance to lessen the load in the scrap fabric bin!
This year there were two teacher’s aides in Tommy’s class which meant I had to make 5 pouches. I managed to get them finished with a week or so to spare though which was nice considering it happened in amongst the craziness of moving and unpacking house.
You can see previous teacher zippered pouches here, here and here – this is the fourth year I have made them. Funny that some of those same scraps are still going strong!
I used my Zippered Pouch Tutorial to make them.


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Yikes!  Check out our chart today…back when we started our countdown to NZ it seemed like forever away, but time really did go sooooo fast and tomorrow we are off!!!
I am feeling semi-organised.  Have done a lot of the cleaning I wanted to (who wants to come home to a dirty house?) and have started pulling out clothes and other things we need to take away.

Strange as it sounds, I couldn’t start getting organised until I had sewed a couple more little things…we are taking small suitcases as our carry-on bags and I had visions of having to be trying to contain textas, books, toys, food and other entertainment on the plane in the pocket in front of our seats because our bags would have to go in the overhead compartments.  So I decided to sew up a few bags to keep all of the plane entertainment together and easy to grab out of the bag…one each for the kids.

First of all, I made them each a zippered pencil case using my tutorial.

The applique on each one is part of some gorgeous panel fabric I bought a few weeks ago…love it!


Then I made each of the kids a Peek-A-Boy Toy Sack (using my tutorial again) to keep everything in…

 Just the perfect size to hold a few colouring in books, blank page art diaries, some snacks, little toys and of course, their new pencil cases!

And once I had finished sewing these a couple of nights ago, I felt ready – even though I still had a tonne of cleaning and organising and packing to do…at least the plane rides will (hopefully) be smooth sailing!
Happy holidays to you all!  I’ll probably post now and then from New Zealand and keep you up to date with some of our adventures. xxx

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.Gifts for teachers.

Every year as Christmas rolls closer, I tell myself that next year I will be more organised and start my sewing and shopping earlier…but I don’t.  And I kind of like that last minute rush – it adds to the festivity in the air.  December would be boring without it, right?!
My children have been very blessed to have such wonderful teachers this year, both at school and at church.  They put so much time and effort into teaching them and we like to give them a pat on the back and a big thankyou for their efforts.
The zippered pouches we made for Oscar’s school teachers last year were very well received, so we did the same for his teachers this year.  It’s fun to see how well his writing has improved from one year to the next – last year he was copying my writing and this year he wrote straight onto the fabric with my water-erasable pen!

And for the children’s church teachers, I made them a necklace with matching pair of earrings.  These ones are made with satin fabric and the earrings are made from little satin-covered buttons.


 These necklaces are pretty much the only ones I wear now – they are very sturdy and can take a lot of tugging and pulling from the kids and are really comfortable.  Plus, they don’t get tangled in a heap like all of my other necklaces are…probably the main reason I keep reaching for these ones every time!

I might put together a tutorial for these once we get back from our holiday – they are really simple to make!