Make It Perfect

.She did it.

For about 2 weeks Lil has been incredibly vain. She always thought she was beautiful (and she is…I love how little girls think they are pretty!!) but recently the hot topic of conversation has been her LOOOOONG hair. She makes us touch it and comb it and asks me many times a day if it is growing longer. If I want to put her hair in a ponytail, it has to sit right at the base of her neck so that she can still feel how long it is down her back. Seriously, she is so vain she should have been my sister’s child. (Hi Carli!)

Today I was doing a quick stint of sewing (if I want to sew during the day I have to take 5 minute spurts here and there when I am lucky!) and she came into me and said, “Look at my hair Mum. Isn’t it beautiful.” This is not an uncommon thing for her to randomly say to me and I absent mindedly replied, “it is Lil, I love your hair.” A few minutes later I had to go to my bedroom for something and as I walked up the hallway I noticed long clumps of hair along the way. It wasn’t until I reached my bedroom and saw a big pile of beautiful blonde locks on the floor that I realised what had happened.

I didn’t think I would react the way I did, but it was like my heart stopped beating for a moment and I started yelling, “No Lil, no! It is NOT beautiful hair!!”

Haha, I’m laughing at myself now. It was terribly dramatic – I may have exclaimed that it was the worst day of my life and I even started to cry!!! Which made her start to cry (alot) and when we asked her what was wrong with her she said, “I just want my Mum to be happy again”

This is the good side…

And the bad…

After a helpful phone call from my hairdresser friend, Pip, I think I am just going to leave it for a little while. I don’t want to cut her hair all off – it will be so short and I don’t think it will suit her face at all. I’ll see how fast it grows in the next few months and then see if I can get a hairdresser to work some kind of blending in magic. In the meantime she will be wearing clips and headbands to try and hide it when we go out!!!

Have you had any bad self-hair cutting experiences? What did you do? Is it normal for me to feel so upset??!!!!!

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