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.Things I’m Crushing: Bonnie & Buttermilk.

If this store has had an unusual increase in hits over the last two days, it’s because I’ve been looking and looking and wishing and dreaming over their super duper funky women’s clothing.
I get sooo sick of shopping and finding the same old styles in every store.  Bonnie & Buttermilk has some serious style, I’m smitten.  The store is based in Germany and as far as I can tell (my German isn’t that crash hot!) everything is handmade. 
And I’m thinking that I could probably sew some similar styles for myself, but finding funky knits for women that aren’t too childish is really difficult.  I’m on the lookout though – let me know if you see anything.
Here are a few of my favourites out of the 400+ items for sale in their store.  

.Things I’m Crushing…Bright Doors.

We’re a bit house-crazy over here at the moment (actually, being married to an architect is always house-crazy!) We (that should actually say “he”) are dreaming, planning, designing, pricing our next home.  We have a contract on some land and have lots to get organised before anything happens (like selling our home first!) but in preparation for the next stage, I’ve been thinking about the little things that I want our new house to include. 
If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll know I’m partial to a bit of colour and at the moment I’m really loving bright doors.  Especially when the pop of colour appears unexpectedly on an interior door – funky!  And maybe something we will be including in the new pad…
What would your “pop of colour” door be?  
(All image sources – and more door inspiration, can be found on my Home Decorating Pinterest Board)
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.Run, Noah, Run.

Today I had the honour of joining with hundreds of other people in saying goodbye to my cousin (and dear friend) Lisa‘s son, Noah.

Photograph from here

Noah was born with hydranencephaly (you can read his story here) and he has been a fighter from the day he was born.  His life expectancy was 2-4 years, but this little boy showed the world what he was made of and lived for 10 wonderful years.  Surely he was living, breathing, and his heart was beating for the love his family showed for him.

Lisa with her four boys – source

The last week has been emotional as we have joined together with the King family to mourn the loss of their sweet boy.  Today it was a privilege to be among those who united to celebrate the life of Noah King.  Noah was an amazing little boy who taught life lessons to those around him without ever saying a word.

Through Noah, I have learned that your worst fear could actually become your greatest blessing.  That every single person living on this earth is of great importance and deserves the love of those around them.  I’ve had the blessing of watching those I care for go through difficult times whilst still remaining optimistic.  I’ve learned that Heavenly Father places angels like Noah on earth to remind us to slow down and smell the roses and make the most of every special moment we have with those we love.

Noah’s balloons

Noah’s funeral today was perfect.  A true celebration of an angelic boy who was a gift from God, sent to earth for 10 short years but will be remembered for eternity.



During the funeral service, Lil (who, for the last 6 months has had an obsession with talking and asking questions about death and dying) drew pictures of Noah, his Mum and his Dad.  I love Noah’s wheelchair legs and I’m not sure why Aaron looks like a caterpillar!!  Towards the end of the day, Lil also declared that “today is the best day ever!” – and she was right…today was the PERFECT way to celebrate the life of a PERFECT child.

Those who know Lisa well, will at some time or another have had a jab at her about taking a gazillion photos of absolutely everything!!  Today I learned that one can NEVER take too many photos – Lisa, you keep snapping away.  Photographs are memories and memories last forever.

Photograph from here

Run free sweet Noah.  ‘Till we meet again.


.A whole lota zippers.

Awhile ago my sister gave me a massive zip-lock bag full of zippers.  She had been to a deceased estate sale and the lady of the house must have been into thrifty sewing because she had a whole hoard of zippers stashed in one of her draws – most of them had been unpicked from old items of clothing.

I’m just about to start making some new cushion covers for our couch cushions but have been pushing the project back as it means making a trip to the shops to pick up some zippers – then I remembered the big bag of old lady zippers in the cupboard and problem solved!!

I didn’t think I would ever use them, still overcoming my issues with second-hand stuff, but if it means saving me a trip to the shops and a bit of money I think I’m going to face my issues and get on with it!

There are actually some really cool zippers in the stash…lots of retro looking ones and funky shaped pulls.  Even some brand new ones still in their vintage packaging.  

I’ll definitley be remembering to dive into my zipper collection next time I need to sew something with zippers, who knows what treasures I will find?!  Perhaps I’ll make one of these funky no-fabric zippered pouches just to use some of them up!

.Expressions of Love.

Try watching this without smiling:
Now go and show that special someone that you love them.
(Loads more Mormon Messages here.  I can never stop at one!)
(Full transcript of inspirational talk by Richard G. Scott here – read it, it is beautiful.)