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.Spotty Skippy.

Did you know that Make It Perfect attended the last International Quilt Market in Minneapolis? Well, I wasn’t there in person but my pattern distributors (Creative Abundance) were there showcasing my patterns along with a few other designers from Australia.

I sent over a whole heap of samples for display and it was a great excuse to sew up a few fresh ones too.

I have a cupboard full of Make It Perfect samples but sometimes I sneak the samples out of the cupboard and into my own wardrobe! I needed to make a new Skippy dress because nothing was sample-worthy and this is what was created…


I used an Art Gallery knit, and am so happy with the quality of this fabric. It’s great that the bigger fabric manufacturers are spending more time creating fabrics that are suited to sewing clothing, the variety and types of fabrics are ever increasing giving us so many more options for sewing.

I didn’t use any contrasting fabrics for this dress, just the spots all the way through and I love the effect. I’m not sure where this dress will end up yet…it should be living in the samples cupboard so I don’t have to sew up another one next time I need a sample but I can feel it making it’s way towards my own wardrobe!


Make It Perfect, Skippy pattern

Art Gallery knit, Dotted Boulevard by Sara Lawson

Indie Sewing Patterns, Make It Perfect, Skippy

.Spring Tops.

I’m almost to the end of my un-blogged sewing projects. Like these three tops. The change of season always brings around “wardrobe crisis” – usually in the category of tops. Last year’s are tired, worn out or I just need something fresh and new – you get it, right?! Plus ALL of my knit tops end up with a couple of little holes right in the front, a few inches above the hem. I have no idea why, but more often than not I am getting rid of tops because of these little pesky holes! Does that happen to you? So frustrating!
So, for this top I used my Skippy dress pattern, but didn’t add the skirt to the bottom. I love this style – it has a lovely relaxed fit, the half-sleeves are always a win and the kangaroo pocket in the front and gathered sleeve caps help set it apart from a regular tshirt.
After these photographs were taken and after I had worn the top a few times, I ended up taking off the hem band and shortening the length a bit to make it more snug around my hips. It has a much nicer fit now. This fabric was purchased from Ixat (no longer avaliable) and I originally bought it as a “boy-friendly” print with intentions to use it for one of the boys but it was quite lightweight and I thought it would suit an adult better than a child so it became mine!
And another one of the same…Skippy dress turned into a top. This fabric is also from Ixat (also out of stock), but much thicker and with a better recovery than the arrow print and you can see how much that effects the way the finished top looks. Knit fabric varies so much, using different fabrics for the same pattern can give it a totally different look.  
All of the trims and bands for this top were made using a really good quality black jersey with great stretch and recovery. The waistband on this one was cut exactly the same size as the one in the arrow top but it much tighter here because of the recovery (how much it “bounces back” when you stretch and let it go) of the fabric. Unless you have someone to guide your sewing decisions, sewing with knits is a real trial-and-error process until you get to know what is going to work, how things will turn out with different fabrics, etc. I loved this fabric uncut, but it is pretty “out there” as a top! I have to be in the right mood to wear it and have actually changed the sleeve bands from the solid black fabric to the triangle print to try and tone down on the contrast so much but I’m not sure that was the best move?!
And the last Spring top make is using a different pattern altogether! This one is the City Girl Top. I bought it during a sale from Pattern Anthology a long time ago and hadn’t used any of the patterns yet so thought I needed to at least give one of them a try!

The fabric I used was purchased on clearance from Crafty Mamas, it was really cheap so I thought it would be good for a trial-run before cutting into a more expensive fabric. I think I would like the top more in a solid print, but the fit is really nice – very comfortable to wear as it is nice and loose and flowy, but the cowl neck and pleat in the front are just enough “extra” to give it a more dressy rather than casual look.

So, now we are half-way through Summer (although it doesn’t feel like it some days!) and I have Summer wardrobe crisis going on! Need to sew some short-sleeved tops and a swimsuit or two ASAP!
Make It Perfect, Skippy

.Short-sleeved Skippy.

Truth be told, I’m still trying to get into the sewing groove…it always takes awhile to find the time during the Summer school holidays, but playing at the beach, working in the yard and hanging out with the kids have taken priority lately. And I like it that way.
I was cleaning out some folders on my computer last week though and found a few items of clothing that I have sewn and never blogged about – kinda helpful to keep the blog rolling along!
This is a Skippy dress I made awhile ago – I think this may be the first short-sleeved version I have shared on the blog?

I choose to go a solid chocolate brown for this one. A little more subtle than the loud prints I am usually drawn to. And it gets a good workout. As fun as it is to sew with bold prints, these plain basics are always the ones that are easy to pull out of the wardrobe without much thought in the morning.


I really love the gathered cap sleeve option on the Skippy dress. This sleeve is gathered both at the top and the bottom of the sleeve, creating a full and even puff. The edge of the sleeve is finished off with a thin band.

I’m determined to break my sewing fast today…whip up a few “needed” items then start work on a new pattern because it’s been awhile!
Make It Perfect, Skippy sewing pattern
Robert Kaufman, Laguna jersey in chocolate  
Joey, Make It Perfect, Skippy

.Skippy & Joey Hop.

Welcome to the last installment of the Skippy & Joey Hop! 
Vanessa from LBG Studio cropped the skirt of this Joey dress to make it a tunic length to wear with jeans – I really, really like! How about those big, bold florals too? Pretty!

Abby from Sew Much Ado has THE cutest little girl wearing THE cutest Joey! She used an unexpected print for little kid’s clothing and I think it looks fantastic, cute little cowl neck too!

Jane from The Drapery is ready for some Spring action in her cheery Skippy dress. Love her puffy, short sleeves. She used some Lillestoff knit – one of my favourites.

How awesome is this Joey made by Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home? Perfect print for a little girl – and she pulled out all the cool poses in these fun photos!

And Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch has produced the cosiest Skippy top around. She used some thick, fleecy sweater knit and paired it with a pretty lace knit. Isn’t it beautiful?

I’d love to send out a BIG thankyou to the wonderful ladies who took part in my Skippy & Joey Hop! So much awesome inspiration, I love seeing what others create with my patterns.

If you would like sew these dresses for yourself you can
purchase them here:


Make It Perfect, Skippy

.Still Skippin’.

I know what you are thinking…another Skippy post? Sorry…(not sorry) I’ve got lots to share!
This maroon one was the very first Skippy I made. I used this fabric because I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t work out. The fabric quality is great, not sure what it is as it was given to me but feels like a jersey that has a bit of lycra content as it has great stretch and recovery and isn’t thin or flimsy. But the colour just didn’t do much for me. I don’t think I have anything maroon in my wardrobe and just don’t feel comfortable in it.
Turns out, the dress worked out pretty well first time around, too good to not be worn, so my big sister scored herself another Skippy! 

Maroon is also a really hard colour to photograph. It isn’t as dull as in these pictures. I’m not sure what else to say about this one that hasn’t already been said…feminine gathered 3/4 length sleeves, a pocket to stash your hands and as comfortable to wear as your favourite pyjamas!

Make It Perfect, Skippy sewing pattern
Maroon jersey knit fabric