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Make It Perfect, Sprout

.New Winter Sprout.

A couple of weeks ago Lil wore her Sprout dress to church – it had been hiding in the ironing basket for awhile and was VERY snug.  I made her wear it one last time though (because I wasn’t wasting that ironing time on nothing!) and promised her I would make a new one ASAP.

And here it is!  Cutest thing ever? I think so 🙂 

I made this one a size too big so that we can  be guaranteed wearing for all of next Winter.  And I cut into my new Erin McMorris fabric.  Her designs are awesome and always call out to me – I’m calling this one the flower child dress…as I was sewing it I was worried it would be a little too hippy-looking, but am happy with it now that it is finished.

I really wanted to line the dress in some grey flannelette, but couldn’t find any quickly so instead I cut the sleeves and hood out of some Amy Butler flannelette I had in my stash and bough some plain white flannelette from Spotlight for the rest of the dress. 

Cute = tick!
Warm = tick!
Happy = tick!

Make It Perfect, Sprout pattern
Erin McMorris, La Dee Da, Pixie Flowers in Aqua
Amy Butler, Love, Sunspots in Mint (flannel)