.Things I’m Crushing: Bonnie & Buttermilk.

If this store has had an unusual increase in hits over the last two days, it’s because I’ve been looking and looking and wishing and dreaming over their super duper funky women’s clothing.
I get sooo sick of shopping and finding the same old styles in every store.  Bonnie & Buttermilk has some serious style, I’m smitten.  The store is based in Germany and as far as I can tell (my German isn’t that crash hot!) everything is handmade. 
And I’m thinking that I could probably sew some similar styles for myself, but finding funky knits for women that aren’t too childish is really difficult.  I’m on the lookout though – let me know if you see anything.
Here are a few of my favourites out of the 400+ items for sale in their store.  
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